WinWerks creates innovative real estate growth strategies, utilizing quantifiable sustainable energy and water practices. 


Our Approach

WinWerks' clients receive a turnkey process from concept to ongoing production. We vetted experienced engineers, trade contractors, service providers, and proven equipment to provide optimized on-site energy generation and water conservation.  Our cogeneration and emerging energy thermal massing and water reclamation solutions translate into immediate cost reductions and an increase in net income and portfolio value. The process permits a no capital investment through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. Whatever your project's sustainability needs, WinWerks creates specific owner and site centric solutions, leveraging effective delivery platforms to meet targeted efficiency metrics and financial returns.



WinWerks Team Commitment

Project Go/No Go Assessments - Nothing goes forward without an appropriate site specific engineering analysis of project conditions and careful financial modeling.

Create Quantifiable Economic Value - We determine and report realistic cash flow and financial metrics and Net Operating Income impacts which enhance real estate or business value.

Avoiding risk - We use established "best of class" phase change materials, electrocoagulation and cogeneration equipment & O&M services, both with over 25 year or greater technology histories and multiple ongoing installations. Installations are carefully engineered and constructed with established, collaborative & bonded design builders.

Circumventing hassles - We have 5-10 &15 year maintenance contracts, so the CHP and EC systems work have perpetual infinite life cycles.

Proven sustainability - Phase change materials reduce heating and cooling expenses and utility emissions. Burning gas for cogeneration cuts down noxious gases by up to 50% vs. utility electricity and on-site boilers for hot water. Reclaiming water saves energy through industrial reuse or pretreatment for potable.

Evolving sustainable innovationsWe are continuously investigating and monitoring new materials, equipment, controls or processes to increase our clients' success by introducing new ways to reclaim waste water and reduce energy costs.

Financing Options - We can provide 100% financing through PACE programs (Property Assessed Clean Energy), leasing, private equity and bank financing.



Building on Established and Emerging Technology with 30+ Years Construction Experience

Kurt A. Tetzlaff organized WinWerks in 2002 to develop bottom line impacts for real estate developers using design build strategies. Prior to that, starting in 1981, he was with Koll Development and Construction and Turner Construction creating design-build and CM @ Risk solutions for major commercial projects.

Today WinWerks utilizes on-site energy production and sustainable systems and materials to drive income to the bottom line, sustainably. We also partner with other forward thinking and motivated firms that help clients create lasting value by aligning their efforts with basic principles of design build and commercial and economic sustainability.

The company headquarters in San Diego, covering California and the Southwest. Clients include LendLease, Hensel Phelps, Lennar, Nucor Steel, CDM, Oliver McMillan, Grand Pacific Resorts, Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, Swinerton, Kunzik and Sara and T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc..