Which System or Manufacturer?


Not all EC systems produce the same results. After market review, WinWerks chose Powell Water Systems for its proven results and operational savings.

The engineers of Powell Water Systems describe a few key aspects which result in their systems achieving superior performance over competitors:

  Powell Electrocoagulation System

Powell Electrocoagulation System

“Powell Water Systems, Inc. uses a unique patented electrocoagulation chamber that directly converts incoming AC line voltage to DC Voltage.  The voltage is set between the blades in the electrocoagulation chamber at 3 volts saving 33% of the electrical costs as compared to other systems.  The vertical flow, direct line voltage, and chamber design will accommodate 20 times larger flow rates as compared to other systems.  The blades in the Powell electrocoagulation chamber accounts for half the dry weight of the system whereas transformers account for most of the weight in other systems."

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WinWerks has incorporated the Powell Water Systems patented electrocoagulation technology into a one stop solution. Consistent clean water and oxidized toxic elements result to meet respective mission goals. To an owner, capital costs, operation costs and potentially valuable clean water and saleable outputs go into the value proposition. WinWerks believes it has the technology, turnkey design- build -operate protocols and financing to deliver a better value life cycle solution when compared to competing systems. Proof starts with looking at your business, site issues, opportunities and proposal.

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