At WinWerks we focus on four main areas for implementing
Infinite R: Commercial, Educational, Residential, and a specialized application called RevRoof.


Infinite R immediately starts absorbing heat, moderating temperatures, and saving HVAC costs. With paybacks in 1-3 years, it is protected with a 25-year warranty and does not require any electric or mechanical connections or maintenance. Infinite R has a Class A smoke and fire rating, and is made in the USA. For every application, WinWerks will arrange direct shipping of Infinite R to your location in 16” or 24” wide x 48” panels weighing 1.1lbs/sq.ft for easy installation. Infinite R is only ¼” thick and can be implemented in acoustic tile ceilings, walls, or roofs due to its flexible and lightweight nature.

Explore the options below to find out why Infinite R is specifically beneficial for each application!



Work performance depends upon employee comfort and focus. Infinite R regulates the internal temperature of your office building, meaning that you can maintain a comfortable and efficient workspace by reducing occupant complaints, while also using your heating and cooling systems less!

Reduce electricity usage and cost: Depending on the region and time of use, electricity can cost $0.12-$0.26 per kWh and most US businesses use thousands to tens of thousands of kWh per month! Infinite R reduces that cost by saving 20-30% off your HVAC system usage.

Increase property value with higher net operating income. Depending upon asset class, every $1 of savings increases property values by 10-20 times!

Increase employee productivity: Uncomfortable working temperatures can lead to unproductive and distracted employees, which means lost money and time. Infinite R can mitigate this by creating a stable, consistent inside temperature.


Just 10 minutes of distraction a day due to discomfort can mean huge yearly losses.

Improve building’s sustainability factor: About 37% of total energy-related CO2 emissions in the U.S. come from the electric power sector. Infinite R reduces this greenhouse gas impact by decreasing electricity usage while still maintaining comfort.



Infinite R encourages engagement, learning, and retention by creating thermally comfortable classrooms and assembly areas.

Efficient teaching and learning: Classroom environment, too hot or too cold, affects student learning. Infinite R helps moderate temperatures so students and teachers work more effectively.


School district's’ energy costs are second only to salaries and they exceed the cost of books and supplies.

Reduce Electricity Use: In 2016, California schools spent between $0.18-$0.27 per kWh of electricity, with peak rate during school time. Infinite R shrinks HVAC electricity usage.

Hot days: Instead of releasing kids early and handling upset parents, costly rescheduling, and poorer test scores, Infinite R keeps building temperature comfortable and classrooms productive!

Sustainability & greenhouse gas reduction: In 2015, US utilities emitted 1,925 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), 37% of the U.S. total. Less electricity generation means cleaner air.

WinWerks will help assess your school with your team and utilize its Energy Plus modeling program to optimize the quantity and locations of Infinite R!



A comfortable home requires a consistent temperature. Adding Infinite R adds to comfort and it pays for itself by reducing air conditioning and heating.

The indoor temperature affects several human responses including thermal comfort, perceived air quality, sick building syndrome symptoms, and performance at work. Infinite R aids in this by keeping temperatures more stable.


Reduce Electricity Use: In 2014, the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,932 kilowatt-hours (kWh), with air conditioning and heating making up a large portion of this energy usage.

Costs to air condition: Air conditioning a home costs up to $.41/kWh, above baseline. That adds up to several thousand dollars a year. Infinite R reduces that cost and adds to the market value of your home with paybacks in 1-3 years.

Live sustainably & reduce greenhouse gases: In 2015, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by the U.S. electric power sector were 1,925 million metric tons. Less power production and electricity usage from the residential sector means cleaner air due to decreased fossil fuel burning.



A typical roof needs replacing after 15-20 years. RevRoof lasts 30 years with a no deductible limit (NDL) warranty. Why not purchase one roof every 30 years and skip the hassles of making an intermediate roof purchase? RevRoof also generates savings by  reducing heating and cooling expenses from integrated Infinite R. This combination reduces overall capital expenses and generates NOI and the positive financial benefits to IRR, payback, property appreciation and ROI metrics. RevRoof applies to new or replacement roofs.

RevRoof uses a combination of single ply membranes and wind vents with Infinite R. All of these components work together to save energy and keep your building dry.



Sound Investment Strategy: Increase property value while reducing operating costs. Quick and effective payback period (~3yrs). Significantly reduce energy costs in your building while ensuring a roof system which will last 10 years longer than conventional roofs. More cost effective than installing a conventional roof since it is longer lasting, reduces leaks, eliminates mold, and requires less maintenance.

Reduce Wind Damage: The roof resists winds up to 200MPH with the NDL warranty. Occupants and equipment stay dry.  

Reduce Electricity and Heating Use; Reduce HVAC System size: Infinite R maintains a comfortable thermal environment within your building while reducing energy use. This might also reduce the HVAC system size.

Avoid Expensive Roof Removal Costs: Conventional re-roofing strips the existing roof and trucks it to the landfill; a costly labor and and time intensive process. RevRoof can go right over the top of the existing roof without business disruption, and at lower cost.

Associated Damages during reroofing: During conventional re-roofing, rain or snow may occur and lead to water damage. RevRoof keeps the old roof on and maintains continual protection.

Gain continual moisture mitigation: Old, wet roof assemblies cause mold, energy loss, and internal damage. The Wind-Vented system dries out the roof over 6-24 months and restores the thermal capacity of existing insulation.  

Sustainability Brand Enhancement: Reduce greenhouse gases and landfill waste– utilize less energy for HVAC systems resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


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