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Now real estate owners-managers and utility officers- engineers  don't have to choose between generating net income or using sustainable solutions for energy mangement or waste water treatment. WinWerks Innovative Project Delivery acts as a catalyst for both; we provide site specific solutions generating high returns with environmentally viable project solutions. Using integrated teams of engineers, builders, financing and proprietary technologies our clients receive turnkey, competitive best value solutions. operating with transparency. This process provides clients with higher personal productivity and peace of mind during WinWerks’ project design and execution.

Since no energy improvement or water treatment project fits into a simple box we follow these careful and proven steps.

Investigate the current situation with an open mind,
Develop project options for owner choice of Go/No Go.
Design, Build, Implement & Finance the solution,
Provide operation support or assistance,

Measure and Verify outcomes while supporting our clients’ long-term objectives.

Do you want to build efficiency into your next retrofit or ground-up real estate or waste water treatment project and reduce capital investment, cost of operations and carbon footprint? WinWerks delivers site specific, inspired, proprietary turnkey solutions that decrease costs, increase net operating income with demonstrated sustainability, for increased business value.


Infinite R, a Phase change material (PCM) absorbs and releases thermal energy (like a sponge) which moderates indoor temperatures, provides comfort and reduces cooling and heating expenses. Our lightweight panels fit into walls, ceilings, attics and roofs of commercial, educational and residential buildings. Major contribution to net zero energy and California Title 24 policies. Payback under 3 years for a 25 year product life. Berkeley Labs and others have studied the association between room temperature, comfort, learning, attention and productivity. Operating in the comfort zone of 72 degrees makes a positive contribution to worker productivity, student achievement, and homeowner's comfort. Easy to install, no maintenance or operating expense, reduced energy costs, higher thermal comfort, 3 year paybacks, with a useful life exceeding 25 years. Incredible value.

Turnkey Electrocoagulation (EC) solutions demonstrate WinWerks’ commitment to offering sustainable technologies with a real-world impact. Powell Electrocoagulation, a proven and highly adaptable platform, allows efficient and cost-effective treatment of a remarkably wide range of wastewater pollutants, including selenium, arsenic, TSS,TDS and bacteria. The marked increases in efficiency of EC over typical filtration and chemical techniques translate into significant monetary and landfill savings, lower risks and high returns on investment. Why settle for less?


Learn how new projects, methods, and solutions incorporate Infinite R, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Electrocoagulation (EC). How are new thermal massing and insulation materials affecting building systems, HVAC equipment, and budgets to the latest advances in cleaning and recycling processed waste water? And how can owners finance these kind of sustainable improvements cost effectively and with a low or no capital expense? These articles promote how changes in alternative energy generation, waste water recovery, and financing are transforming the built environment and creating business or project appreciation.