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Now you don't have to choose between generating net income or using sustainable solutions. WinWerks Innovative Project Delivery acts as a catalyst for both; we provide high returns and environmentally viable project solutions. We Investigate the current situation, Develop, Design, Build, Implement & Finance the solution and Verify outcomes. If you want to build efficiency into your next ground-up project, or reduce your building's cost of operations and carbon footprint, WinWerks delivers increased net operating income with demonstrated sustainability solutions.

Turnkey Combined Heat and Power (CHP or cogeneration) represents WinWerks' major contribution to on-site energy production. By combining established design build procedures, engineering, time tested cogen equipment, and factory service, our cogeneration creates a verifiable project value enhancement that delivers NOI for decades. Curious to see if your facility can use cogeneration technology installation?

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Innovative Project Delivery Updates

Learn how new projects, methods, and solutions incorporate Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for both chilled water and on-site electricity production with the hot water bonus. What’s going on with solar, fuel cells, and wind? How are new thermal massing and insulation materials affecting building systems, HVAC equipment, and budgets to the latest advances in recycled water or deep energy building retrofits? And how do owners finance these kind of sustainable improvements cost effectively and with a low or no capex? These articles promote how changes in alternative energy generation, the growth of the sustainable marketplace, and value enhancing building practices are transforming the built environment.

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