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Now real estate owners-managers and utility officers- engineers can confidently incorporate advanced energy conservation and reclaimed water technologies to improve their facilities operations efficiency, increase net operating income and achieve better sustainable outcomes. WinWerks Innovative Project Delivery acts as the catalyst to develop and accomplish site specific solutions, using integrated teams of engineers, builders, financing and our proprietary technologies. Clients receive turnkey, competitive, best value solutions, operating with transparency which provides higher personal productivity and peace of mind during WinWerks' project assessment, design and execution.

Is your organization willing to improve business outcomes by incorporating advanced technologies into your building, facility or process? WinWerks has registered technologies for Infinite R Phase Change Materials for thermal mass energy savings, Techogen's cogen systems for on-site electricity cogeneration, and WinWerks Powell electrocoagulation for reclaimed water. With turnkey delivery we provide value propositions unmatched by alternative technologies. Results; faster delivery, increased EBITA, NOI and business value, delivered as a partner in your business success.

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